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  • Mar/23/2024
    LMAO There's a PKMN F/F Ship Poll going on! The only one with Joy in it is my OTP: Joy x Jenny! Go out and vote for them! They'll be up against Delia/Jessie soon, so I'll leave the polls on the front page.


  • Jan/12/2024
    Extra! Read all about saving the whales! I mean, Slateport Joy. She saves the whales.

  • Dec/11/2023
    Need a little Joy in your holiday season? Look no further than Snow Top Mountain's Joy in the Canon section!

  • Dec/5/2023
    Dewford's Joy profile is up in Canon.

  • Nov/30/2023
    You can read about Rustboro Joy in Canon. Warning: I may have gotten a bit too silly with this.

  • Nov/29/2023
    Spruced up the Canon pages so they look more identical and pleases my eyes.

  • Nov/28/2023
    Wow! There are 2 Petalburg Woods/Route 104 Joys in Canon now!

  • Nov/24/2023
    You can read about Odale's Joy in Canon!

  • Nov/21/2023
    Trying to make the pics fit together more in Memes... My DUMBASS decided to change the sizes of the pictures by width instead of HEIGHT raaaAHHHH

  • Nov/11/2023
    The most recent fanfics added in the "Best" section will have "New" beside the title.
    Text is aligned Left instead of Justified.

  • Jul/26/2023
    Does Instagram have SHORTER embed links to copy? Arceus help us all...!

  • May/25/2023
    You can read about Cinnabar Island's Joy in Canon!

  • May/15/2023
    Happy Mother's Day! You can read about Marion's Joy in the Canon section! She's a kickass Grandma!

  • Apr/23/2023
    You can link to the shrine now! I-I mean, if you want to... πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ

  • Apr/22/2023
    Check out Memes for "You might like Nurse Joy too much if..."

  • Apr/21/2023
    You can read about Vermilion + Celadon Joy in the Canon section. I've added blinkies to the About Joy and Canon pages too! >:3c

  • Apr/18/2023
    Canon + Headcanon page is up (still a work-in-progress)! My headcanons are listed under canon info.

  • Mar/15/2023
    Theories page is now up! I've been using Takeshi Shudo's novels as reference thanks to 2bamaster's English translation! Check it out here!

  • Mar/10/2023
    Added new song to She Sings?!: Neon Genesis Evangelion theme. It's hilarious! What, just imagine Joy singing karaoke and it's THIS of all things!

  • Mar/09/2023
    Settei page is up thanks to SetteiDreams! Check out their site for more awesome anime character sheets!

  • Mar/06/2023
    Added fanart to Best page!

  • Mar/05/2023
    Added music to the music player!

  • Mar/02/2023
    New meme... it's Robin!
    Making it easier to go straight to a section on some pages.

  • Feb/27/2023
    Best page is now up! Check out fanfics/fanart!

  • Feb/17/2023
    Check out the TV Tropes page! It was easy to do lol

  • Feb/07/2023
    Check out the About Joy, Memes, Merch, and She Sings?! section!
  • https://pkmn-go-to-the-polls.tumblr.com/post/745766186816585728/pok%C3%A9mon-ff-ship-tournament-round-2-matchup-3

    I'm looking forward to bringing you Heavens to Blissey knows what sort of trivia and knowledge about our favorite pink-haired nurse! [Or French Raspberry (#C42D42)... or Fiery Rose (#FF4D6A)... or Candy Pink (#D87075) if you want to be specific.] Seeing her again in Pokemon Journeys just gives me life and motivation to do so! (Along with Ash and Pikachu's journey that ended in 11 episodes! I'm still not ready for it to end even though it already did! I would've loved another year of Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock adventures of helping Pokemon and just chilling out! 😭 )

    ⚠️ WARNING THIS SITE IS RATED 14+. I mean, it could be rated R due to some f-bombs in the Meme section and innapropriate memes not for young people.

    I suppose I'll have to introduce myself:

    My name's Rydia and I've been a Nurse Joy fangirl since... well, it's been quite a while! I think I can safely say since I was 10-years-old? I grew up in the Pokemon craze in late 90s/early Y2K when my brother brought me a Grimer card home from school back in 1999. One of those Pokemon Snap tips and tricks cards? Then we got into the anime via vhs tapes that included the first 3 episodes, then the Game Boy games starting with Yellow. Ohh, what hopes and dreams we had to see what sort of adventures Ash and Pikachu would be up to since then! Misty was honestly my absolute favorite trainer as a little girl, but the closer I got to my teenage years the closer I was to realizing my fondness for older women.

    What probably sealed the deal for me was finding out about ship names when I was 10 and the internet was still lauding over "THEY'RE TAKING THE HOBBITS TO ISENGARD" video remix. By that time I didn't grow out of the Pokemon phase while the other tweens in my class did... but the excitement and creativity of the shipping community really took off as an interesting conversation topic among my friends one day:

    "Pokeshipping for... Ash and Misty? That's boring."

    "Jessie and James is Rocketshipping? That figures!"

    "So wait, is there a ship name for Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny?"

    "Cloneshipping... I mean, yeah, they're clones! PublicServant... yeah... Lilacshipping?"

    "Why Lilacshipping though?

    "Ohh, is it 'cause of that one song?*"

    *If anyone knows what song might've been mentioned, I would love to know! It would definitely be before 2007!

    "Lilac sounds so pretty! That's the best one!"

    So I did what any normal budding gay girl would do: ship Nurse Joy with Officer Jenny! Draw Nurse Joy with a rando male OC that totally wasn't just a self-insert! Understand yet dislike shipping her with Brock! Yup. Normal stuff. And now I want to build this shrine because it's honestly for me! But if you like it, then I suppose that's cool too? I want to spread the love for Nurse Joy because she's the best fictional nurse! (And deserves a bit more respect on the interwebs IMO)

    This shrine will focus on the OG Kanto design that showed up from episode #2 until the end of Diamond/Pearl anipoke (and a couple special episodes after that). She's the one I grew up with, but depending on circumstances there might be added info about the other Joys? I stopped watching the anime on a regular basis since the voice actor change fiasco way back in ye olde 2006. Needless to say, I missed out on some great Joy scenes since then and have kept up on Ash's adventure after access to high speed a few years after that.

    But if you're already a Nurse Joy fan, you probably already know a lot of the info throughout the available sections... which is why this shrine aims to note the differences between the Joys in canon... and let me write down my headcanons! And sometimes you just want to look through fanfics or fanart without going through the plethora of... erm... rule 34 stuff. Even if you do look everywhere you still might miss out on some pieces of gold.


    Clavell: "... the Gas Station Lady?"

    That being said, Pokemon trainers... please keep your heads, hands, feet, Onix, and Cloyster inside the ride at all times and enjoy!

    If you know me IRL... no, you don't! πŸ™ƒ

    Under Construction!

    We hope to see you again!

    Would you keep Chansey company in the meantime?