Best Fanart and Fanfics Collection

Let's say you're on some kind of media sharing site for art or writing and decide to look up "Nurse Joy" in the search bar...

Oopsies! Didn't mean to look up THAT kind of stuff!

Well, you're in luck now, 'cause I'll be doing that for you! Here are the best of the best (IMO) when it comes to well-done fanfics and awesome art! Bone apple teeth! Click on what you'd like to see below to get right down to it easy peasy Cherubi squeezy!

What the heck, I can't embed deviantart stuff?? Not even dA wants you to see art from dA!!1!

Why are embed Instagram posts like a whole book long???

Fanart (character design)
Fanart (ships)


Title Author Main/Side Character Thoughts
Nurse Isabelle and the Kanto Pokédex: the Diary of a Travelling Nurse Iridescent
Main Very cute! Don't let the chapter number fool you, a lot of them are short and sweet.
The Baron of New Island Jadedanddark Main A more realistic but dark approach to happenings before the first movie. My heart!
New Home, Same Family Tourist_
Main Joy/Peony (Galar). Domestic fluff about two joined families moving? I'm not crying!
there's something in the static imaginary
Main It's hurt/comfort with whump featuring Ash... but this Hoenn Nurse Joy is determined to help him.
Angel of Mercy Abare
Main A drama/thriller about a Joy that wants to escape. I don't know how to describe it except it's like if Women's World magazine had column stories that were more like "Chicken Soup For the Twisted Soul" in the best way possible?
Waiting Room meltypop Side A detailed retelling of ep. 2! Another hurt/comfort with whump... and Viridian's Joy is guilty as charged.
To Befriend Monsters Motherflipping
Side Cinnabar's Joy has something up her sleeve and I'm all for it.
One Step At A Time Skipsy Side I was squealing and gushing at all the fluff at 3am! You could only hope to meet a sweet Joy like this if you were isekai'd into Sinnoh!
Into the World of Monsters Voyager Wisp Side A reboot of S1 that focuses on trainers besides Ash, with canon divergent ending. We get a look at the Joy family's nepotism in a chapter. I cried!
Rollout on Outta Here Silver_Shortage
Side Goldenrod's Joy is tired of Whitney's shit! Revenge/Dramedy that's a quick cathartic fix for Whitney (and Miltank) haters.


Fanart (character design)

Fanart (ships)

Of course I'm going to be biased about this section!