Memes... and general humor!

Here! Enjoy some memes and reaction pics Joy would probably use herself while arguing with punks on twitter!

Feel free to save and use them.

Dis is da pawt of da internet da Boss warned youse about!
I told youse! No good can come from dis!

Memes she'd definitely use!
Memes she'd probably use...
Memes she'd use on a bad day...!
General Humor
You might like Nurse Joy too much if...

Memes she'd definitely use!

Memes she'd probably use...

Memes she'd use on a bad day...!

General Humor

You might like Nurse Joy too much if...

1. If she's your favorite above Ash, Misty, Brock, Jessie, James, etc...
2. If she's your favorite above ALL characters
3. Chansey/Blissey/Audino/Wigglytuff/Comfey/Indeedee is your fav pokemon
4. You taped episodes with Joy in them on your vhs tapes
5. You've burned a CD filled with episodes of Joy
6. You broke your vhs tape/dvd from watching a Joy episode multiple times
7. You've used up all the internet bandwidth from watching too many Joy episodes
8. You wish she traveled with Ash and Pikachu
9. Your favorite Pokemon movie is the one with Nurse Joy in it
10. Your OTP is the one with Nurse Joy
11. You like crossover ships with Nurse Joy
12. You ship yourself with Nurse Joy
13. You recognized another anime character's voice as Nurse Joy's
14. You've memorized the names of ALL of Nurse Joy's voice actors, including other languages
15. You've met one of the voice actors
16. You have a poster/collectible signed by one of the voice actors
17. You have a favorite voice actor for Nurse Joy
18. You still think the other voice actors are cool
19. You always save your game at a Pokemon Center
20. You always Fly to the town/city where your fav Joy is to save at her Pokemon Center
21. Ever since X/Y came out, you make sure to visit a Pokemon Center on your birthday every year
22. You've been on a date with Malie City's Joy in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon
23. You still wear her outfit in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon
24. You dye your hair pink
25. You love your blue eyes, or get blue contact lens
26. Pink/white is your fav color, or you used to hate pink/white but now love it because of her
27. You practice smiling in the mirror
28. You develop a saccharine personality
29. Animal biology or bio in general interests you
30. You develop an interest in needles, or you overcame your fear of needles
31. You develop an interest in medical equipment in general
32. You want to become or you are a nurse/vet because of her
33. You want to or you've cosplayed as her
34. Your partner/girlfriend/boyfriend/datefriend/spouse cosplayed as her
35. You've made or interacted with a Nurse Joy roleplay account online
36. Your friends send or make you fanart/fanfics/memes of her for you
37. You've commissioned people online to make fanart/fanfics about her
38. You make fanart/fanfics/memes about her
39. You've seen all the fanart/fanfics you could
40. You feel like there still isn't enough fanart/fanfics
41. You made a music playlist about her
42. You wrote a song about her
43. You've listened to asmr videos of someone roleplaying as her
44. You've made a Nurse Joy OC
45. Bonus points if she's a trainer instead of a nurse
46. You've made What If videos of Nurse Joy battling any trainer
47. You've made a youtube/vine/tiktok video about Nurse Joy
48. You picked Joy as a name for any reason (pet/child/nickname/etc.)
49. You imagine the nurse taking care of you as Nurse Joy
50. You've met a nurse named Joy irl
51. You scared her away when you mentioned Pokemon's Nurse Joy
52. You hope you meet Nurse Joy in your next life
53. That 7 minutes after your heart stops but before your brain shuts down? Yeah, your brain only thinks of Nurse Joy.
54. You're Doctor Proctor and you ask Nurse Joy out for pizza
55. You're Brock and you ask any and all Nurse Joys out
56. You're Mewtwo and you kidnap Nurse Joy
57. You're Tracey Sketchit and you draw any Nurse Joy that inspires you
58. You're Karsten and YOWZA how'd you snag that piece of fine artwork?!
59. You're Officer Jenny and there's a fine line between being best friends and being in a situationship with Nurse Joy
60. You don't like guys that treat her disrespectfully
61. You think no one else is as obsessed with her as you
62. You made a shrine dedicated to Nurse Joy!
63. You do it for her