Character Profile

Name: Nurse Joy
             ジョーイさん (Joi-san)
Age: 16-25+
Occupation: Pokemon Nurse
Pokemon: Chansey

Height: 5'0" / 153cm
Weight: ???
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Fair
Blood Type: A (?)

Role: Supporting Cast

Nurse Joy is a recurring support character in the anime Pokemon from 1997-2023. She's based on the Pokemon Center Lady npc (non-playable character) in the Pokemon Red and Green Game Boy games from 1996. These npcs use the same sprite in each Pokemon Center location, hence the look-a-like family as a gag in the anime. (It also probably made it easier to animate a character design that could be reused for multiple episodes!)

Known for her kindness and veterinarian skills, she heals a trainer's hurt Pokemon while providing shelter at the center to rest their weariness from travelling. You could say she's not only a nurse, but a hotel manager on top of that. She's not alone though... plenty of Pokemon help out, most noticeably Chansey, Audino, Wigglytuff, and others. Don't let the pink daintiness fool you though; any Nurse Joy can be strict when it comes to disciplining a trainer's faulty mistake or willful negligence! She's not having your excuses if you let your Pokemon almost die from pushing it too far in battles!

Throughout the series we see some Joys having different jobs, whether as specialist or a volunteer. We see gym inspectors, contest judges, psychologists, authors, as well as giving new trainers their starter Pokemon. So despite all the jokes about "Joys can only be nurses nothing else lmao" it's not as if she can only be a nurse. On top of that, almost every Joy seems to love their jobs despite it involving long days and unexpected emergencies at times! Some are just your average Joy, and others have been famously remembered among fans throughout the years...


Brock is 15 years old, and his type in the Japanese sub are "onee-san". Onee-san is a respectful way to address an older woman, so we know Nurse Joy is at least 16 years old. I think most people already assume Joy and Jenny are around the same age.

"Despite being an Assistant Inspector, [Officer Jenny] was still young enough to be Ash's older sister. Considering that ten year old Ash's mother was only in her twenties, a woman in her twenties could probably be Ash's aunt.

As such, this big sister-like female police officer [in Viridian City] could only be about 19 at the oldest."

Later on we meet Team Rocket, which we know are around 25 years old. No, they're not 15! Jessie stating she's "17" in one of the Kanto episodes is just her being the unfortunate "Christmas Cake" or "Old Maid" character trope. In the sub for the 2nd movie Pokemon Revelation-Lugia, Jessie explains Misty and Ash are 10 years too young to focus on romance, with James adding that they themselves are 5 years too old for that. Anyways...

"Hold it, we don't have any [rare] Pokémon like that at this Center," Joy said.

Jessie, knowing that Joy was roughly the same age as her, spoke as if chatting with a friend.

"Non non non. Are you sure? This place is filled with injured Pokémon. If we take all of them, there may be some wheat among the chaff."

In Shudo's 2nd novel, Ash is talking with Pewter's Joy after losing his first battle against Brock. Misty tries to convince Ash to challenge another gym. Joy warns Ash of the life of a trainer that wanders around aimlessly and always losing gym battles, mentioning an elderly man sitting by the window across the center as an example:

"That old man came here three days ago... The last time he was here was twenty years ago. ... Of course, that was before I was born." Joy said.

Pewter's Joy and Viridian's Joy would be no more than 20 years old. Still around Viridian Jenny's age!

Height & Weight

Ash is 4'7"/140cm (at least in the beginning). Looking through the Settei and using this nifty height chart site I took a guess at Joy's height. Of course with the magic of varied animators there are Joys that look as tall as Brock (guesstimate 5'4"/163cm).

As for Joy's weight... your guess is as good as mine! I don't know! She's probably 30 lbs lighter than what I would consider healthy, really, since Japan seems fatphobic to value a healthy lifestyle to prevent obesity. You can read more about it here about what people consider fat in Japan. (I thought I read somewhere that certain ethnicities are way more likely to have problems with the consequences of being overweight... I'll get back to you on that.)

Blood Type

Knowing your blood type in Japan is like knowing your Zodiac or MBTI; some people strongly believe it indicates your personality. In this case, blood type A characters tend to be kindhearted, straightforward, trustworthy, but also worrywarts or cautious. (Now that I'm reading more into it, Officer Jenny seems to be blood type O, who tend to be easygoing, sociable, great leaders, but also overlook details and can get smug or overconfident).