She Sings?!
Yes, Nurse Joy can sing!

Yuriko Yamaguchi (OG 245 - DP)

Anime: One Piece
Character: Nico Robin
Title: I Want to Be Alive
Album: One Piece Island Song Collection 17
Year: 2017
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Character: Nico Robin
Title: Dare ga Michibiku Nara
Album: One Piece Nippon Judan! 47 Cruise
Year: 2015

Character: Nico Robin
Title: My Real Life
Album: One Piece Character Song Carnival
Year: 2005

Joy even gets a duet with... who? Lilian? Saturn?
Character: Nico Robin
Sings with: Nami
Title: Hurricane Girls
Album: One Piece Character Song Carnival
Year: 2005

Kikuko Inoue (DP 20-50)

Anime: Onegai Teacher
Character: Mizuho Kazami
Title: Sora wa Kataranai
Album: Onegai Teacher Image Soundtrack + Onegai Teacher: Nimaigumi Vocal Album Stokesia
Year: 2002

Anime: His and Her Circumstances
Character: N/A
Title: Kareshi Kanojyo No Jojyo Opening Song Remix (Tenshi No Yubikiri - Angel's Pinky Promise)
Album: Anime Toonz Presents Kikuko Inoue
Year: 2001

Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Character: N/A
Title: Cruel Angel's Thesis
Album: Anime Toonz Presents Kikuko Inoue
Year: 2001

Anime: N/A
Character: N/A
Title: I'll Let You Worry
Album: Elegant Fish
Year: 1994

Anime: Ah! My Goddess
Character: Belldandy
Title: Ribbon
Album: Kamisama no Okurimono
Year: 1993

Chinatsu Akasaki (XY)

Oh hey, she's singing with Rosa (BW2) and Mina (SM)!
Anime: Joshikousei no Mudazukai
Character: Nozomu
Sings with: Akane + Shiori
Title: Seishun no Reverb
Album: Wa! Moon! dass! cry!/Seishun no Reverb
Year: 2019

Mairin (XY) is in there too?!
Anime: Symphogear GX
Character: Yumi
Sings with: Shiori + Kuriyo + Miku + Hibiki
Title: Beef Stroganoff Song
Year: 2015

Anime: PriPara
Character: Falulu
Title: Love Week Old
Year: 2014

Anime: Kill Me Baby!
Character: Yasuna
Sings with: Sonya
Title: Futari no Kimochi no Honto no Himitsu
Album: Kill Me Baby SUPER
Year: 2012

Risa Shimizu (SM)

Anime: Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis
Character: Amira
Title: Promised Land
Year: 2014

Shoko Nakagawa (Movie 20)

This particular VA hosted the variety show Pokemon Sunday, and had many small roles throughout the Pokemon movies. She's even performed anipoke theme songs, and did a key animation for ep. 145 of Sun & Moon. She even drew some fan manga about her experiences picking between Pokemon Red and Green, and crying during a theatrical viewing of the 1st movie. Talk about ascended Pokemon fan!

Anime: Mewtwo no Gyakushuu Evolution (M22)
Character: N/A
Title: Kaze to Issho ni
Album: Mewtwo no Gyakushuu Evolution Music Collection
Year: 2019

Anime: Sun & Moon (ed. 5)
Character: N/A
Title: Type: Wild
Year: 2019

Anime: Arceus Choukoku no Jikuu e (M12)
Character: N/A
Title: Antenna of the Heart
Album: Pokémon Diamond & Pearl The Movie: 'Arceus - Choukoku no Jikuu e' Music Collection
Year: 2009