My first shiny in a Pokemon game was during a playthrough of LeafGreen on Gameboy Advance! I was training for the Elite 4 and decided to go outside Fuschia City for a change of scenery since Victory Road was getting to be an eye sore.

Lo and behold... a green Doduo appeared!

But there were a few problems...

1. Doduo was level 20s
2. My Pokemon were level 50+
3. I only had Poke balls on hand (and not many!)

After throwing all the poke balls I could with it at full health, I had only a couple left... I decided to try my luck with weakening it with the weakest Pokemon with the weakest attack...

The shiny Doduo fainted.

It was a disappointment, but my brother consoled me, "Maybe you'll find another shiny!"

He was right... after 8 years! My next wild shiny didn't appear until my playthrough of AlphaSapphire on 3DS. That was with the DexNav, which allows you to chain a Pokemon you want to shiny hunt or get good IVs or a hidden ability.

I was so happy! Over the years since then I've had some lucky shinies, so this page is to keep track of them.

Just as a disclaimer... the shiny legendaries/mythicals were easily obtained via code/password Events! So I was only lucky in the sense that I happened to live in the city to get these!

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