Hi! Rydia here!

Before I go on, I just wanted to share a gofundme for Emi aka GamingGoddess13 on twitter. Some of you may remember her for being active in various online social sites in the Dragon Quest community.

Emi lost everything in a fire and was in an induced coma for a month. Recovery has been difficult for her with over 20% of her body being burned, and expenses are racking up.

Donations + shares are appreciated! I hope everything goes well for Emi!

For those of you waiting for an update on the Nurse Joy Shrine and asking why all the Hoenn Joys before the Kanto ones... I haven't watched Advanced Generation since before the VA fiasco in 2006! So I needed a recap of specific characterizations of AG characters like May and Max for a fanfic I started writing. I'm probably going to watch up to Ash's 5th gym battle because that's when the fic takes place.

Rydia's Site

Hi! Just trying to figure out html so I can list my Nurse Joy headcanons lol and have that nostalgic feel of making a Piczo site back in mid 2000's... Oh, and make a site that my inner child would've loved to visit back in the day!

things i liek:

  • anime
  • games
  • pokemon
  • dragon quest
  • dragon ball z
  • naruto
  • chrono cross (as you can see lol)
  • yuri
  • InoSaku
  • RobiNami
  • Nurse Joy